September Expenses – $1343.89

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for September.

Household $426.16
Entertainment $15.75
Transportation $225.02
Food $162.52
Student Loan $183.86
Travel $186.64
Phone $36.79
Health $107.15
Total $1343.89


My September expenses were a little high due to my road trip to Virginia and back. In addition to the travel expense of $186.64 the trip increased the total of my food and transportation expenses. The trip probably added about $50 to my food expense. That isn’t too bad of an increase. I used about $135 of gas on the trip. The rest of the transportation charge is from a $100 gas card that I used for one fill up towards the end of the month. For ease of accounting I count the entire card as an expenditure as soon as I use it. This means my October transportation expense should be pretty low.

My food expense should return to normal this month. I don’t think I’ll have any travel expense. The health category is the one that will probably inflate my expenses this month. I still haven’t received a bill for my biopsy in August. My insurance has sent me a statement of what they paid. From that statement I know I’ll owe about $1500 for the biopsy. Medical and dental expenses are killing my budget this year, but they are necessary. I’m hoping I’ll be healthy next year and these expenses will revert to the level of previous years.

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