September Income – $554.49

Here is a breakdown of my income for September.

Online Income $0
Interest $1.84
Cash Back $39.02
Amazon FBA $510.43
Uber $3.20
Settlement ?????
Total $554.49


September was a better month for income than it appears. I worked the last two weeks of September at H&R Block but my first paycheck was on October 2nd so it didn’t get included in September’s income. Also, I received my settlement from being hit by a car in April.  Although I share almost everything on my blog I’ve decided to keep the amount of the settlement secret for now. The settlement was less than I was hoping for, but it was a boost to my finances.

October will be a much better month for income.  I get paid by H&R Block every two weeks and this month happens to be a three paycheck month which will help the income total out quite a bit.

I’m pleased with the amount I made from FBA in September. This is the first time I’ve managed to make over $500 in a month. I’m slowly learning and getting better at this business. I’m backing off a bit this month since I’m busy with the day job. With the Christmas shopping season coming soon though, I’m hoping to ramp up the FBA business a lot higher.

This month’s income should be at least quadruple last month’s income.

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