July Income – $2311.68

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Online Income $71.80
Interest $1.13
Cash Back $11.10
Amazon FBA $156.53
Uber $0
Mystery Shop $13
Job $2058.12
Total $2311.68

July was a good income month. This was due to my document review job that I worked the end of June and the first two and half weeks of July.  I had to take some time off of that job for my dental implant surgery. This job is project based and I may return to it after my Portland trip and hiking trip if they have another project for me to work on.

I would prefer to make the majority of my income from my alternative income sources, but I haven’t been very successful at doing that yet. I didn’t have any Uber income last month since it didn’t make since to make low pay at Uber when I could work more hours at my document review job which pays roughly double what I make from Uber.

My Amazon FBA income is starting to pick up.  Although my profit wasn’t that high this was actually my highest income month from FBA. My profit was low because I bought a label printer, labels, a barcode scanner, and upgraded to a profession account. Although these expenses brought my profit down for July I believe they will result in higher profits in the coming months. I sold at least one item every day last week and I have a lot more inventory for sale than I’ve ever had before. This should result in August being a new high FBA income month. I have a long ways to go before this replaces my job income, but I do believe it is possible.



4 thoughts on “July Income – $2311.68”

  1. How do you use that equipment with FBA? Is the barcode scanner something you take into the stores with you or just for quicker input on the computer at home?

  2. Jon – The scanner is for quicker input on the computer at home. It saves a ton of time over reading and typing in the UPCs. I scanned over a 100 books from my GF’s collection in about an hour the other day. Without the scanner that probably would have taken most of the day.

    They make scanners you can take into the store, but they are a lot more expensive and my phone does a good enough job.

  3. Naomi – I haven’t done a post specifically on the doc review job although I have mentioned a bit about it in some posts. There isn’t much to write about. The job is basically setting at a computer all day and reading through emails and other documents that have been marked as potential evidence and using special software to mark them as relevant or irrelevant and usually a few other tags which varies from case to case. It is a fairly easy and somewhat boring job.


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