May Expenses – $1161.28

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.

Household $452.83
Entertainment $20.16
Transportation $58.53
Food $138.29
Student Loan $183.86
Travel $0.00
Phone $36.78
Health $270.83
Total $1161.28


My May expenses were once again fairly low although I did miss my goal of $1000 or less in spending for the month. If It wouldn’t have been for some medical bills and medicine I would have made the $1000 goal. The $1000 spending goal probably won’t be achievable for the next couple of months since more bills will be coming due.

Usually my only health expenses is $83.13 for my health insurance. This month I also had to pay $159.19 for a doctor visit and lab fees, and $28.51 for some medicine. These medical bills were not related to my accident. I also paid some medical bills related to the accident, but I’m not including them here since I expect to eventually get reimbursed for those bills. I’ll have another medical visit this month that is unrelated to the accident so this month so depending on when the bill is due my medical expenses will be higher than normal again.

Travel and entertainment expenses were low because I was able to erase most of them using my credit card rewards. Office Max had a deal in May that allowed me to rack up quite a bit in rewards. It isn’t likely that there will be that good of a deal this month which means the travel and entertainment expense will be higher. I don’t plan on traveling this month so that expense might still be $0. Entertainment expense should still be fairly low since I do have some free gift cards to use up.

My transportation expense was fairly low since my only expense was $58.53 for gas. This total was helped by a free $20 gas card an insurance company gave for getting an auto insurance quote from them. Some of this gas was used driving for Uber or going on mystery shops which I’ll be able to deduct the mileage for those on my taxes. Once you factor in the mileage deduction my transportation cost for the month will be even lower.

I did make some extra student loan payments in May as well, but I’m not reporting them here since they throw off the average. You can see my progress on paying off my student loan in the right sidebar.

Other than the exceptions I have already noted my June expenses should be about the same.

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