May Income – $413.30

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Online Income $25.36
Interest $0.79
Cash Back $7.20
Amazon FBA $164.02
Uber $201.97
Sell Stuff $13.96
Total $413.30

May was a terrible month for income. I was supposed to start a temporary document review job in May, but the start date was delayed three separate times. I’m still not sure when (or even if the job) will start. I was way too lazy in May. I kept off working Uber more or doing other things to make money since I thought I would be starting my document review job soon and making good money from that. Since I’m not sure that I’ll have any job income this month I need to start driving for Uber a lot more and start selling a lot more stuff. It is doubtful those two things will be enough to replace my job income, but I should be able to make a lot more money than I did in May. My savings took a hit in May and I can’t continue to let that happen.

One tiny bright spot was my FBA earnings.  This month’s profit was about $5 higher than last month’s making for my new best profit month ever. Unfortunately, this month will most likely not be a good month for FBA income. Since I didn’t make much money last month my Amazon payments mostly went to paying my personal living expenses rather than being used to buy more inventory. I have very little inventory left to sell on FBA. Unless I can find some really cheap inventory to sell or my job starts I won’t be able to buy any new inventory this month and the FBA income will dwindle.

I do have a lot of stuff around the house I can sell on eBay,Craigslist or Facebook. I need to concentrate on doing that this month rather than buying new things to sell. I should be able to make at least a few hundred dollars from selling stuff if I get most of it listed online for sale.

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