I Got Hit by a Car

hospitalbedYesterday while walking across the street on my way to work I got hit by a car. Since the accident caused some memory loss I don’t actually remember getting hit. From what I can piece together from what the EMTs and bystanders were saying I was walking in the crosswalk and the driver of a car turning left somehow didn’t see me and hit me. I ended up with a concussion and some road rash which isn’t too bad considering I got hit by a car. Apparently, I bounced off the car and landed on my butt and then my head. If I had landed on my head first the result would have been much, much, worse.

I remember a little more about the accident today then I did yesterday. Right after the accident I remember waking up (I say waking up, but apparently I was conscious long before then) in the ambulance and asking the EMT if I could have my phone to text my girlfriend. He replied, “You’re starting to concern me, buddy. This is the fifth time you asked me that and you have already texted her.” Things were clearer after that. Once I arrived at the ER they took me for a cat scan and then wheeled me back to the ER. They had taken me to the same hospital my GF works out which I had requested so I guess I was thinking somewhat clearly when they asked me which hospital I wanted to go to. My GF was there in the ER when I got back from the cat scan which was nice. The cat scan results were good and they discharged me about 2 1/2 hours after I was admitted. I thought that was kind of quick for a concussion.
head wound

My GF took me home and stayed with me the rest of the day. She had returned to work that day after being on vacation the previous week. I was nice enough to let her get a bonus day of vacation. I’m staying home from work today and tomorrow and going back to work Thursday.

I called the police today and they said that they do have the information of the person who hit me and they do have insurance. I’m hoping that there is no problem getting all my medical bills paid and getting reimbursed for my time off work. For now I’m still planning on going on hike April 21, but I might have to change that plan. I’ll keep you updated on how everything turns out.

4 thoughts on “I Got Hit by a Car”

  1. I’m glad that you are doing so well but it is a scary thing to have happen. Take care.
    And I wanted to say thank you for the 4 star on my book. That was beyond kind.

    • Thanks. You’re welcome for the review. When I have time I’ll try to write a more substantive review. For now, I just wanted to get it written since if I waited until I had more time it might never get posted and I know reviews are supposed to help sell books. If you ever have another free promo let me know and I’ll promote it here. Good luck with the book!


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