March Income – $4745.32

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Online Income $46.66
Interest $3.89
Cash Back $21.14
Amazon FBA $12.43
Jobs $2503.35
Tax Refund $2057.85
Motif Bonus $100
Total $4745.32


March was a great month for income.  The tax refund of over $2000 was the biggest boost to income. My job income was pretty good too since I had two full paychecks. I also received a $100 referral bonus from Motif which was a nice bonus. If you want to sign up for Motif to get a $100 bonus of your own I have a referral link at the top of the left sidebar.  You read my Motif bonus post if you want some more information before you sign up.

Online income was pretty low, but at least I made a profit. It is hard to predict when I’m going to have a good or bad month for online income. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation between the effort I put into this and my other blogs and the income I receive at the end of the month. Since I haven’t been doing much on my blogs while working my tax job I am happy with any online income that still comes in.

My Amazon FBA income of $12.43 was disappointing. I sold about $2000 of stuff on Amazon in March. Most of it was sold for about what I paid or a loss though. The $12.43 profit isn’t much of a return on the time and money I invested in FBA. I spent about five hours (I’m guessing since I didn’t track this at all) on FBA so my FBA hourly wage was crappy in March. It isn’t quite as bad as it seems since I did also earn credit card cashback and/or airline miles and/or Staples rewards on my purchases. This summer I’d like to make FBA my main source of income so I’ve got to get a lot better at FBA if that is going to happen.

I usually have a referral link to Mr. Rebates in this post to get some more referrals. And this post does too! This month I also have a Top Cashback referral link since you currently can get a $10 bonus for signing up and I’ll get a $10 bonus for referring you as well. They usually only offer a $10 bonus to the member who makes the referral so this deal is obviously a better deal for you.

April income will be a lot less than March since I won’t have a $2000 tax refund. I will still have two full paychecks in April so it should still be a solid month for income.

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