February FIRE Numbers – 33.20 Months of Expenses Saved

My February FIRE (financial independence retire early) numbers were down slightly from the month before. This was disappointing since this is the time of year I am supposed to make the best progress on my numbers. Part of the reason for the poor performance was that I didn’t get some money moved from checking to savings. That money will get moved this month which will make this month look better.

My safe withdrawal rate declined slightly from 35.89% in January to 36.13% in February. Either way it is a long way to my goal of 4%.

I have 33.20 months of expenses saved which is slightly less than the 33.43 months of expenses I had saved in January. My goal is to have 300 months of expenses saved.

March should be a much better month financially and I expect to see significant improvement in both of these numbers.

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