February Expenses – $946.17

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for February.

Household $429.55
Entertainment $79.30
Transportation $58.02
Food $100.77
Student Loan $106.00
Travel $0
Phone $26.81
Health $145.72
Total $946.17


My February expenses were fairly low. I managed to make my stretch goal of keeping my expenses under $1000 a month for the third month in a row.  The streak will end when I have to pay for my dental implants. I’m hoping I can keep the streak going until them.

My food expenses were low since I managed to keep my fast food expenses under $50.  There are also some dinners out with my GF that I put in the entertainment category. Those were kept fairly cheap with coupons and/or gift cards. I did pretty well in that category considering Valentine’s Day and my GF’s birthday were in February.

My health expenses were a little higher due to getting sick and needing some prescriptions. The total would have been much lower if I hadn’t paid $53 at CVS for a drug I could have gotten for $4 at Walmart. I won’t be filling any more prescriptions at CVS. I can’t complain about the overall cost of the sickness. My GF being a nurse managed to get me a couple prescriptions from her nurse practitioner and doctor without having an official doctor visit. I will have to pay some lab fees this month, but they won’t be too much.

March should be another low-cost month. We do have a vacation to Las Vegas coming up at the end of the month. The airfare was free and the room is free other than the resort fee so the vacation shouldn’t cost too much.

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