July 2014 Goals

My goals for July are going to be the same as my goals for June. I’m going to just keep making the same goals until I do a satisfactory job of meeting the goals. If you don’t remember from my previous posts the goals I’m referring to are exercising for 30 minutes or more  and writing 1000 words or more at least five times a week.

I kept track of how often I met both goals in June thinking that it might help me to make goals more often. That didn’t prove to be the case. There were only five days in June that I met both goals. One positive of keeping track of the goals is that I know exactly how poorly I did on making the goals. It is easy to see that there is plenty of progress to be made. If I can just meet my goals more than five days in July then progress will have been made.  I didn’t keep track of how often I met just one of the goals. There were many days that I exercised at least thirty minutes, but didn’t write 1000 words. This month I will keep track of both items so I can see how I’m doing on each goal. I’d like to get these goals to where they are just an ordinary habit and then I can add some more goals.  I am working this month, but that isn’t a good excuse for not meeting these goals. I know there are lots of bloggers out there working full-time or longer hours and getting more done than me.  It is entirely possible for me to achieve both of these goals and still have plenty of leisure time.

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