June Expenses – $1276.96

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for June.

Household $400.00








Student Loan









My June expenses were slightly higher than normal, but I’m not worried about them. The main budget killer this month was my transportation expense. The main reason for it being high was that it included six months of insurance plus two years of auto registration. If I hadn’t occurred these expenses in June than my total expenses would have been below my goal of $1000.  My transportation expense should be a lot lower this month. I do have to commute a bit for my current job which will run up my gas expenses a little. Even with that my total transportation expense should be a lot lower unless I have some unforeseen repairs.

The only other unusual expense for the month was my travel expense of $80. Since that was all I spent for five days in Vegas I think I did pretty good there. If my job ends before the end of the month I might have some travel expenses this month. Otherwise this category will be at $0 for this month.

I’m guessing all of the other categories will remain about the same. If that ends up being true then I should not have any trouble keeping my expenses under the $1000 level.

2 thoughts on “June Expenses – $1276.96”

  1. Hey Andy, Vegas sounds like fun, that is awesome you did it for only $80 bux. I recently bought a discounted gift card from the internet (I think it was giftcards.com) and it worked great, You’ve probably already covered this topic but I paid $42.25 for a $50 gift card to a restaurant and I get cash back from buying it so really only paid $41.83.

    So, is this a thing? Have you ever tried it? The only pitfall is that it is harder to stay frugal when you are ordering your food because it is already paid for so we ended up ordering more expensive dinners than we would have otherwise.

    Hope you are well, talk to you later, Kevin

    • Yes, I have done the discounted gift card thing before. I’ve written about it here too, but it has probably been a few years. I should take advantage of the discounted gift cards more often than I do. Hope you are well too.


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