March Expenses – $884.89

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.

Household $400.00












My March expenses were nice and low.  This is the second month in a row that not only did I make my normal goal of keeping my expenses under $1000 a month, I managed to keep my expenses under $900 for the month.  I’m not sure how long I can keep that up. Since I now have to pay $105 a month on my student loan I doubt I will have any more months under $900, but I think I can still manage some sub $1000 months.

This was another month where I didn’t have any unexpected expenses or any semi-annual expenses during the month.  I don’t have any semi-annual bills due this month and I’m hoping I won’t have any unexpected expenses.  If I manage to avoid those expenses it will be another low cost month.

We did take a three day vacation to Big Cedar Lodge near Branson at the end of the month.  This slightly inflated my transportation and entertainment expense, but it was actually a very cheap vacation.  Some of the expense probably could have been counted as a travel expense, but it was easier to just add the expense to the transportation and entertainment categories.

I am starting my Appalachian Trail hike later this month so I will likely have some travel expenses this month. I have quite a bit of free travel credit on my credit cards though so I should be able to erase those expenses.  I’m expecting my April expenses will be very similar to my March expenses except for the addition of the student loan bill.


2 thoughts on “March Expenses – $884.89”

  1. Very reasonable expense level, especially since you took a quick vacation on top of everything else. Have you ever thought about attending a timeshare presentation when you travel? Branson made me think about that… you could probably score a gift card and/or maybe show tickets if willing to sit through a sales pitch. In Hawaii they gave me a $100 AMEX card and I’ve received $75 at another.

    • The timeshare presentations are something I need to look into. I’m sure there were some of those types of opportunities available there, but I wasn’t aware of them.


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