March Income – $2959.78

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Online Income





Cash Back




Mystery Shop




March was a good month for income although not as good as February. That isn’t too surprising since I didn’t get a $1000 tax refund in March like I did in February.

My online income continues to chug along without much effort on my part.  I’m making about $450 a month this year which isn’t anywhere near as much as I used to make online, but it is still good money considering how little time I devote to it. If I remain unemployed once I come back from my hike I will see what I can do to increase my online income.

My passive income such as referral income from sites like Mr. Rebates and dividends is pretty small, but it adds up over the year.

My last day of work is the 16th of this month.  I will still get two full paychecks this month.  The job loss will not affect me until next month.  I’ll get my final paycheck of the tax season in May, although it will only be for a few days.  Since my bills are low and I’ve saved a lot of money during the tax season I don’t need to worry about money for a while. Once I return from my hike, which I’m guessing will be sometime in mid May, I will concentrate on getting my income back up to its current level.

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