February Income – $4138.30

Here is a breakdown of my income for February.

Online Income





Cash Back




Tax Return


Mystery Shop

Stock Sale $60.18



February was a good month for income since I did receive two paychecks for full-time hours.  It could have been even better since I could have worked about 40 hours of overtime during the month.  Even though the overtime pay would be nice I’m just not motivated to work overtime right now.

My online income continues to do better than I expect. I’m not making anywhere near as much as I used to online, but it is still good money considering how little time I devote to it.

My passive income such as referral income from sites like Mr. Rebates and dividends is pretty small, but it adds up over the year.

The tax return was a nice bonus.  Last year I owed about $1000, including a penalty, when I filed my 2012 return so I upped my withholding in 2013. That combined with my online income being much lower resulted in a big refund this year.  I know you’re not supposed to want a big refund, but I like it better than having to pay.  I’m going to keep my withholding the same this year.  Maybe my online income will increase again and I’ll end up having just enough tax withheld for the year.

I also had a stock sale for a small profit.  I usually don’t count these as income or losses since I just add or subtract them to my savings amount.  This stock purchase was never counted as part of my savings and I purchased the stock with the intention of trying to turn a quick profit from it so I’m counting it as income. I participated in an IPO with LOYAL3  and managed to make a small profit. Not having to pay any trading fees helped.  I also managed to make about $20 in credit card rewards by using my Barclaycard Arrival™ World MasterCard® to make the stock purchase.  I’m not counting that as part of my profit.

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