March 2014 Goal Update 1

This is my first update on my progress – or lack of progress – on the goals I set for myself this month. I set a goal to exercise at least twice a week. That was a pretty easy goal and I did manage to exercise two times this past week. I didn’t exercise more than that though. Since I did at least meet the goal I’m fine with my progress on this goal.

My writing goal for this month was to write 300 words a day and also write a post for Bank Bonuses every day. I did manage to at least get a post done for Bank Bonuses every day. I didn’t manage to write 300 words each day though. I only hit my writing goal three days in the past week. That means I’m 1200 words behind where I should be at this point. This isn’t good, but I think I can make up the missed days and get back on track. This goal was halfway achieved for the last week.

My final goal was to get rid of stuff by selling it, donating it, or throwing it away. I didn’t do any of that this week. This goal was a complete failure. It is still possible to get this goal back on track since it is early in the month. I have dug myself a little bit of a hole though.

This week I am off Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I plan to have a marathon writing session on Thursday to get myself caught up and hopefully get ahead a little bit. I also plan to put some stuff up for sale and go through my stuff to see if there is anything to donate or trash. If I don’t get caught up this week, my odds of making my goals are pretty long. I still think I can do it. None of my goals are overly difficult. They just require a little time and self discipline to achieve.

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