December Income – $2476.19

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Online Income





Cash Back


Mystery Shop






December was a pretty good month for income since I was working a full-time document review job.  I probably could have made about $1000 more, but I missed a lot of time due to being sick and the holidays.   The online income received a little bit of a year end boost.  This income is nice since I do very little to earn it.

I’ve decided to no longer count cash back from my credit cards as income.  I’ll only count cash back earned by referrals from sites like  Mr. Rebates.

January should be an even better month for income.   I’ll be starting my seasonal tax job and it looks like my document review job will overlap the tax job by a week or so.   I’ll be really busy if that happens, but the income will be nice.  I can handle both for a short period of time.   It will be a nice start for my income for the year.

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