May Income – $1462.34

Here is a breakdown of my income for May.

Online Income






Cash Back


Sell Stuff






My May income was not good. Since my tax job ended in April I knew my income would be going down but I was hoping it would be a little better than this.  My income was actually less than my expenses which is not sustainable for long.  The job income was about what I figured it would be.  Even though I got full time hours at my part time job for a couple weeks the job pays so little that the additional hours didn’t help much.  That job is ending this month.  I do like that job but since it pays so little it shouldn’t be hard to find another job that pays more when I get back from hiking.

My online income was a little better than it appears.  The total was reduced quite a bit to pay for moving Bank Bonuses to the site.  I’m hoping that move will make me money in the long run but it is costing me money right now.  Overall, my sources of passive and/or alternative income didn’t amount to much.

My income prospects for this month are not very good. I need to sell a lot of stuff before I move out of my apartment.  That should result in me making quite a bit more in the selling stuff category.  Unfortunately, the job income will be down and the other categories will be about the same.  When I get back from hiking increasing my income will be my first priority.


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    • That is the plan. I’ve only listed a couple things so far and haven’t had much response. I’ll probably add some stuff to Ebay as well next week. I need to ramp up getting stuff listed for sale. I’m also thinking of trying a flea market if I still have a lot of stuff left at the end of the month.


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