December Income – $1668.65

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Online Income






Cash Back


Mystery Shopping






My income was down quite a bit in December.  This wasn’t surprising since I no longer had income from my attorney job and my new job didn’t start until this month.  My income was at least slightly larger than my expenses.  My income should increase this month since I have started my new, better-paying job.  I’m not sure how the paydays will fall for the new job, but I think I will only get one check and that it will be for less than a full pay period.  February will be the first month that I will have two paychecks from new job reflected in monthly income statement.  That will allow me to start the year with a growing income trend at least.

I was hoping to start working another new job at a CPA firm this month.  Unfortunately, since the job I just started and the other job I was going to start are both in the tax preparation field I will not be allowed to take the CPA firm job.  I will still be working 65 1/4 hours a week between the two jobs I do have.  Perhaps, the third job would have been too much.

My sources of passive and alternative income didn’t add up to much, but every little bit helps.  I  managed to get a total of $97.57 in cash back this month.  Most of that was from buying my new car with my credit card.  I did get a little bit from Mr. Rebates as well.  I’ll be getting more from Mr. Rebates next month since my referrals did more shopping than usual in December.  I’m hoping to max my cash back this year.  If you sign up for Mr. Rebates it can help max your cash back also.

5 thoughts on “December Income – $1668.65”

    • I had a bit of a setback last year when I had to sell some of my investments, but I am slowly building my passive income back up. Now that I’m starting to make more money and will have more to invest I should be able to build my passive income up quicker.

  1. Wow 65 1/4 hours a week that’s alot of work mate. Where does your online income from, this blog? I’m moving to self hosted soon and am trying to learn the ropes on earning online. I’m happy with enough to cover my Blogging fees and a case of beer but heck if I can make more why not! Cheers! Mr.CBB

    • This is my main blog, but I have several others that make me money. You have built up quite a bit of traffic to your site so you should be able to earn some decent money with it.


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