October Expenses – $2198.16

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for October.









Van Payment $1275
Debt $5.00






My expenses were up a bit in October.  A big chunk of the increase was from paying off my van.  I won’t have a van payment this month which should result in much lower overall expenses.  If I do end up buying a new car then that could change.

My other big expenses was transportation. I spent just over $500 on gas in October, which is about what  I thought I’d spend after I took the law job.  I’m hoping to reduce that expense this month.  If I buy a more fuel-efficient vehicle that will help.  If not the lower gas prices should help a little.

All of my other expenses should be about the same.  My entertainment expense will probably go up a little.  My food expense might go down a little.  It is already pretty low but since I’m staying at my mom’s and have been doing a few fast-food mystery shops it could be even lower.

I’d like to shoot for my expenses being under $1000, not counting any vehicle purchase expenses.  At that level of spending I should be able to save a fair bit of money.



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    • Since I’m driving to Kansas City and back every weekend plus have a one hour round trip commute to work the cost of gas is killing my budget. I’m looking for a vehicle with better gas mileage. I’m hoping to get one that cost the same or less than my van.

  1. A vehicle makes all the difference with gas and the budget. Back home I just had a small KA and it cost me hardly anything to fill although petrol is far cheaper in Canada compared to the UK. Your grocery budget is fairly low for one person but if you can sustain it then go for it. A guy I know does those mystery fast food shops like at KFC and Pizza Hut.. he says it’s great. He gets paid to eat! Cheers Mr.CBB


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