The Homeless Experiment

Due to developments that I do not wish to discuss on this blog I am no longer living in my apartment.  If you are a long time reader of this blog you might remember that at one time I dreamed of living in a van down by the river.  So I am looking at my current situation as a chance to actually live that dream.  I might end up not liking it but it should at least be an interesting experience.

it has been harder to find that I like in my price range than I anticipated. In the meantime I am sleeping at various different places.  I have camped out a few nights, slept in my car a couple nights, stayed at a friend’s a couple nights, stayed at my mom’s a few nights, and even slept in my storage unit a couple nights.  These are all a lot better than actually being homeless but they aren’t great. I’m hoping I find a van soon or I’ll probably break down and rent an apartment for a short term. This was going to be a longer post but the admin for this site has been down all day and now the library is about to close. There will be more posts on this topic soon.

19 thoughts on “The Homeless Experiment”

  1. I know you’ll bounce back soon and find your groove. Vandwelling might be a nice way to solve both transportation and shelter needs. If I went that route I’d take a months-long road trip and pay for it all by mystery shopping along the way.

    I really enjoyed meeting you in KC. Had a great time trading mystery shopping stories. Still haven’t figured out why they gave me pickles for my sausage biscuit.

    • I’m still considering the vandwelling but having a hard time figuring out what I want to do. The mystery shopping road trip does sound like fun. If I’m ever in your area I’ll stop for a visit.

  2. Andy so sorry especially since this sounds like a “single” adventure and not a joint one. I do understand I’m relatively in the same boat but also wish to not discuss. You’ll pull thru this!

  3. Good luck – I hope it gets better soon. A good friend of mine slept in his car one summer when he was traveling out west and I got to meet up with him and hike during part of it. He was happy to have a place to his own soon after that. Living in a van could be a great way to live frugally.


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