Personal Finance Links – License to be Lazy Edition

Somehow I managed to not write a post here all week. I haven’t been making progress on goals and I’ve actually gone backwards on my losing weight goal. I weigh more now than I did at the beginning of the year. The one positive this week is I did manage to run/walk 5k on the gym treadmill. It took me 42:23 which is a long way from my goal of beating 23:59 but it does at least give me a figure to improve upon. From my past experience in resuming running regularly after a long layoff I know that I should improve quickly for the first month or so but then the improvements will start falling off as my body gets used to running again.

Clever Dude posted about the pitfalls of working from home. I love working at home but doing so has giving me a license to be lazy. With no deadlines and money coming in despite my meager work output I haven’t been too motivated to get more work done. I’m thinking that a part-time job or some other regular activity outside the house might provide me with a spark. I definitely need to do something different.

American Debt Project posted Buy This, Not That: Jesse Pinkman’s Vehicle of Choice. I had to include this since it had a reference to Breaking Bad which is one of my favorite TV series. I could probably do a week’s worth of posts about money lessons to be learned from TV shows and I just might.

The Extra Money Blog is having a $1500 giveaway and more. Your odds of winning a blog giveaway are relatively good so you should give it a shot.

I participated in the Carnival of Personal Finance which was hosted by Money Qanda. I was the host of the Carnival of Retirement at My Retirement Blog.

7 thoughts on “Personal Finance Links – License to be Lazy Edition”

  1. When setting goals it is best practice to set them a couple at a time and not get overwhelmed. I was once told that not to think negatively but positive thinking can help achieve the goals.
    I encourage you to talk to your wife and perhaps have her help you more. Get out and work in your office more, or find a job that you can stay focused and busy. I am sure that your wife supports all you do.

  2. I sympathize Andy, I really do. From my own experience, becoming motivated is the hardest part of working at home. Some people can manage it on their own; others need the structured environment of an office to get anything done.


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