Online Income Report – January 2012

Here is a breakdown of my online income for January 2012.

Google Adsense – $362.75

Affiliate Income – $708.89

Brokered Ads – $62.24

Direct Ads- $3396.17

Total – $4530.05

My online income was up quite a bit this month which was a pleasant surprise. The addition of Investorz Blog plus a larger than normal amount of affiliate income was responsible for most of the increase. I’m still making about 95% of my affiliate income from Bank Bonuses, if I can start making some decent affiliate income from Investorz Blog and My Retirement Blog as well then I should start making $1000 a month from affiliate income.

Some people are wanting to know about my expenses. My biggest expense is the 25% commission I pay on most of my ads. That was about $500 last month. I don’t worry about this expense because it only goes up when my income goes up. Other than that last month I spent $20 for some writing, $10 for carnival submissions, and $5 on Fiverr to have Investorz Blog moved to my new host. I’m going to pay for more staff writing this month but otherwise my expenses shouldn’t go up. Other than that my expenses are pretty minimal.

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