December Income – $3648.01

Here is a breakdown of my income for December.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Cash Back


Sell Stuff


Bank Bonus




December was another great month for income. My online income is still going strong.  A lot of companies pay dividends in December so that category was higher than normal.  I’m still concentrating on my online income for now but if it falls off I will work on increasing my passive income and alternative income.

8 thoughts on “December Income – $3648.01”

  1. Your postings on this site are interesting. I think, though, that “cash back” is more accurately a credit on the expenses side of your “ledger” rather than an income item. By listing it as income, you’re counting it twice, aren’t you?

    • I understand what you are saying but it would be difficult to allocate the cash back to the proper expense. Plus the amount also includes money I receive from cash back sites for purchases made by referrals. That money is income. It is just easier to count all the cash back as income.


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