September 2011 Goals Progress

For the month of September I set goals of writing 100 posts/pages, running/walking 100 miles, and investing 100% of my extra money. We are now halfway through the month of September and I have written 21 posts, walked 19 miles, and invested more than 100% of my extra money. Overall, I’m not doing very well on my goals. The savings goal was easy to meet, I just had to move some money from my bank account to my stock account. The other goals require a lot more work. I’m not anywhere close to halfway on those goals. I thought I would be able to put in some big days in the last half of the month but that will be extremely difficult. We got our first client for our offline business and will have to travel out of state a few days in the next couple of weeks. Plus we are going to my enrollment ceremony and the Financial Blogger’s Conference. There won’t be a lot of time left for writing and walking but I’m still going to work on them and get as close to my goals as possible.

9 thoughts on “September 2011 Goals Progress”

  1. These are monthly goals? 100 post is a ton! Its good to set high goals though. Have you ever thought of hiring someone to help you write? IMO that is investing, because you are investing into your online property, so really you could kill two birds with one stone.. invest 100% of your profits and write 100 post/pages 😉

    • It is a lot but it is doable for the type of posts I write. I have considered hiring someone to write and I probably will be doing that for my other sites. This is my personal site so only I will be writing here.


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