September 2011 Goals

It has been a little while since I’ve written a goals post. Mainly because I usually didn’t meet my goals. I’ll be setting fairly easy goals for September so I should be able to make them.

Write 100 posts/pages. I have three blogs,write a weekly column,plan to write an ebook, and plan to launch a new blog. In order to do all of that I’ll need to write at least 100 posts/pages.

Walk/run/hike 100 miles. I’m planning on doing some hiking and once the weather cools off I want to start running again so it should be easy to meet this goal.

Save 100% of extra money. Money from blogging and mystery shopping is what I use to pay my bills. Any extra money such as Ebay sales,dividends, and interest will be saved.

15 thoughts on “September 2011 Goals”

    • Since I’m already planning on re-launching a blog I already own next month taking on this challenge might be a bit much. I’m going to follow the project though and I might try it if I can decide on a blog subject I really want to write about.

    • My other blogs are and I do mention them from time to time but I just realized I don’t even have MRB in my blogroll. I should probably do a little more promotion of my other sites.

    • These goals may seem aggressive but they’re really not. Since I am basically blogging full-time writing 100 posts shouldn’t be a problem. Especially since one of my blogs is a deal type site with short blog posts.


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