The Cost of Procrastination

There are many ways that procrastination can cost you.  I have been meaning to review my advertising contracts for months but kept putting it off.  I finally got around to doing that today and discovered that two of the contracts had expired months ago but I still had their ads on my sites.  During those expired months I could have potentially made hundreds of dollars for those ads.

I have also lost out on advertising money because I’ve been slow to respond to inquiries from advertisers.  This would often result in my forgetting about the advertisers completely and losing any chance at making advertising money.  I’ve been a lot better at this lately.  I have been responding to advertiser inquiries right away and been making more deals.

The cost of procrastination isn’t always as clear as it is in this case but procrastination usually does cost you something.

7 thoughts on “The Cost of Procrastination”

  1. Isn’t there always a cost to procrastination? It could be lost time not just lost money or earnings. Doesn’t your plugin provide an expiration date? If not calendarize the expiration date.

  2. Well, perhaps it is a good thing in a way. Part of the experience.

    If you managed to survive without those money, it is all fairly philosophical.

    Although I have to confess on your road to financial independence you are charging at full speed – hundreds of dollars a month from adds :-)))


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