April Income – $1611.43

Here is a breakdown of my income for April.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Cash Back






April was an okay month for income. Considering all my income was alternative income or passive income I can’t complain. I doubt I’ll make as much in online income this month. The advertising offers aren’t coming in like they used to and I’m not having much luck lately making affiliate commissions. April’s mystery shop income was mostly the result of work done in March. Since I didn’t do that much work in April my May mystery shopping income will decline. I need to come up with another source of income this month or my May income will be too low. My savings have declined quite a bit this year and I need to start building them back up. I’m going to continue with my alternative and passive sources of income but I plan to take a job after I sit for the bar. I need some steady income for a while.

8 thoughts on “April Income – $1611.43”

    • The offers have slowed down but I’m working on getting more out of the offers I do get. If I put in enough effort I should be able to at least keep the income the same as before.

  1. I am considering doing mystery shops. Do they take out taxes when they pay or is it up to the shopper? If it is up to the shopper is it complicated? Thanks

    • You are an independent contractor and will be responsible for paying taxes. It isn’t complicated to figure out. The companies should send you 1099s which you will report on your income tax return and you determine how much tax to pay as part of filing your federal return. If you are making a lot of money mystery shopping you might want to pay taxes quarterly.


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