March Income – $5081.86

Here is a breakdown of my income for March.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops




Medical Study


Tax Refund




March was a great month for income.  I received all of my study pay at the end of March.  It might have been more accurate to divide the pay up between February and March since I earned it both months but since I use cash basis accounting I don’t count the income until I actually receive it.  The other big income boost was the tax refund.  We received a pretty big refund but since we lose an exemption this year and also lose the making work pay credit we won’t have nearly as big a refund next year.

April income will be much lower since I won’t have those two big sources of income.   I did a lot of mystery shopping in March which will be reflected in April’s income so there should be an increase there.  I should do about the same on the rest of my alternative income and passive income sources.

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