March Expenses – $2152.28

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for March.

















Debt $14



My expenses were very high in March.  Some of that is because we used our tax refund to buy a Wii and take a vacation.  I probably shouldn’t have counted the total cost of those as my expenses since I’m not counting the tax refund as only my income.  Sometimes it is difficult for me to determine what I should count as my share of the household income or expenses but this should be close enough.

Transportation was high because we did a lot of driving for our vacation and mystery shopping and also because I paid for the next six months of insurance.  Entertainment was also high because of the vacation.

I decided to display my phone bill separate from my utilities to give a more detailed breakdown of my expenses.

In April the expense categories of entertainment, travel, and transportation should all drop quite a bit.  I’m sure I’ll still be well over my $1000 goal but expenses should at least be less than income.  I’m thinking expenses should come close to the $1000 level in May.


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