November Income – $703.85

Here is a breakdown of my income for November.

Online Income




Stock Dividends


Mystery Shops


Bank Bonuses






It was not a good month for income.  My online income streak of making over $1000 came to an end as I only made $505.23 online for the month.  This isn’t too bad since I paid for three years of hosting.  I already know my online income for December will be over $1000.  This will be by far my best year for online income.  I’m hoping I can make next year even better.

Since I didn’t have any job income or medical study income my overall income was down quite a bit.  I’m starting a new job this month which should get my income total back up.  I don’t think having a job will result in any reduction in my alternative sources of income which will allow me to start putting some money in savings and investments again.

2 thoughts on “November Income – $703.85”

    • Part of it was that I became a bit pickier about what text links I accept on my site. The other is that my affiliate sales are inconsistent. Most of my affiliate income for this year is from one promotion that has now died off. I have to figure out something else to replace it.


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