Turning on the Heat

It has been an unusually warm fall so far here in southwest Missouri. We turned off our AC in September and haven’t had to turn on our heat yet. We didn’t have to use heat or AC in the month of October and it looks like we won’t have to use either one in November either. Although we have had days with the highs in the 40s it has stayed in the 70s in our apartment. I’m guessing that maybe our downstairs neighbor has her heat cranked up and we are getting the benefit of it. This is probably the longest I have gone in the year without having to turn on the heat.

What is the longest you have gone without turning on the heat?

2 thoughts on “Turning on the Heat”

  1. I have an unfair advantage since I live in the south, but still I am much more extreme than my friends and neighbors. I don’t remember exactly how long I’ve lasted in the past but there have been winters where I’ve only had to use the heat a handful of nights.

    A few years ago when I lived in a middle floor apartment I got the same benefit you mention in that both my upstairs and my downstairs neighbors used enough heat that I benefited from it.

    I haven’t turned on the heat yet this season even though we’ve had a couple of nights where the lows dropped into the upper 30s. I just got my November electric bill for $34.55. My goal now is to make it to my next bill, around December 20th, without using any heat.

    • You are doing good. Our electric bill last month was $54 without using heat or A/C so that is probably about as low as it will get. Our apartment stays pretty warm, even today when it is in the 30s outside it is 70 in our apartment with no heat. We shouldn’t have to use heat much this winter.


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