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I noticed the other day that I was getting some referral traffic from a German website. I visited the site and while I couldn’t read the post (I should have done that semester abroad at Bucerius) I was able to get the general idea. It was a list of 17 sites that share their online income. I was pleased to see that I came in seventh in the list.

Here are the 6 that earned more than me. –  $20,683.09.

This is one of my favorite blogs and the only one on the list I was familiar with. I have been following this blog since it was new. I can remember when he had a goal of 100 subscribers and now he has over 10,000. This is a great site for learning about making online. I need to start implementing more of what I have learned. $7400 – $3880 –  $3227 – $1942 – $1159.38

Looking at the earnings reports of all the sites above me was informative.  All of them but one made a significant portion of their income from selling a product or service.  The one that didn’t made most of its money from affiliate sales.  That might be an indication that relying on advertising for most of my income isn’t the best way to go.  I’m going to work on developing a product and increasing my affiliate income before the end of the year.

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    • That may be true but many of his sources of income don’t require much expense so I would expect there isn’t too large of a difference between gross and net.

      I report my gross earnings as well. My monthly expenditures are generally less than $20 a month. One can see my net income in my regular income report.

  1. Enjoyed this articles and the other sites. I make a little bit more than you, but I fully agree that the bloggers who make the big bucks get it from a product or service. Adsense is just hard work and variable. Just need to find a good idea now!

    • It does appear that Adsense is not the best way to make money. I don’t even have it on this site because it doesn’t perform well here. I have some ideas, I just need to take action.

  2. This is the first month that I have actively tried to make money on the site. Before I just stuck up a little Adsense code and an Amazon widget. Hopefully, I will be able to reach these numbers soon. Thanks to you and the others for giving so much guidance and help in this area!

    • Good Luck. Adsense doesn’t work on all blogs. That is why I don’t have it here but I do have it on my other sites where it makes me some decent money. You might have to experiment a bit before you find what works.

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  4. We make most of our income from AdSense and the sale of sites with AdSense revenue, so there’s definitely money to be made there. Like the others, though, we only report gross revenue and there IS quite a difference between our gross and net. We give away most of our cost structure throughout the posts though, so you can see that we’re still profitable on the project.


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