August Investment Income – $91.96

My August investment income rose slightly to $91.96 from 90.62 the month before.  I did add $150 to my IRA which accounted for most of the gain.  My stocks have not gone up much this year but the S&P 500 is down for the year so I guess I should be happy that I have a gain at all.

Disclaimer: This is not my actual investment income. To get this figure I first add up my retirement savings, emergency fund, and any other money I consider permanent savings. What the total of my savings would earn at 6% interest for a month is my monthly investment income. My goal is to get this amount to $1000 a month. If I have $1000 in monthly passive investment income I will be able to retire early.  You can see what my actual investment income for the month was by looking at my monthly income report and adding the interest and dividend amounts.

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