May Expenses – $2218.61

Here is a breakdown of my expenses for May.



















May’s  expenses were way higher than normal but my expenses should be back under control this month.  The household expense was high because I had to pay rent on two places for a while plus I had a couple of application fees.  The transportation expense was high because I made many three hours each-way trips from K.C. to Springfield and back.  The transportation expense isn’t quite as bad as it seems though because some of mileage I was reimbursed for by the Census Bureau and mileage for my mystery shopping will be deductible.  My transportation expense will go down this month since I shouldn’t have any long trips although I probably will be doing a fair amount of driving for my mystery shops.  The travel expense is for my honeymoon/wedding trip.  This isn’t too bad for two round-trip tickets, three nights hotel, and ground transportation to and from the airport.  There is a small possibility that I will get some of this comped back to me.  There shouldn’t be any travel expense this month although there might be a small bit of wedding expense.  My other expenses should remain roughly the same this month.  I’m hoping I will be able to get my expenses under $1000 this month.

4 thoughts on “May Expenses – $2218.61”

  1. Won’t your expenses change after marriage, or are you talking about your half? Is this blog just going to be about your financial life, or the both of you? Sorry if this seems nosy, but curiosity is getting the best of me.

    • Dan – I intend to just blog about just my financial life. After I am married my wife and I’s financial lives will be somewhat blended so my finances will be affected by her finances. My expenses will change after marriage but I will only blog about my half of the expenses.


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