Domain Registry of America Scam

I recently received a domain renewal notice from Domain Registry of America telling me one of my domains was about to expire. The notice was misleading because at first glance it would cause one to think that their domain name is registered with Domain Registry of America. If read the notice more carefully you will see that when you “renew” the domain with them you are actually transferring your domain. I didn’t fall for this because I know who my domain registrar is and it isn’t Domain Registry of America.

After doing some research on the internet it appears they send out similar notices all the time. If you receive a domain renewal notice from Domain Registry of America or any other registrar other than the domain registrar you signed up with tread carefully because it is probably a scam.

1 thought on “Domain Registry of America Scam”

  1. They try everything, that’s for sure. A couple years ago, a virus was introduced on our computer. For a fee of $35, giving a credit card number of couse, we could have this removed. My husband removed the virus himself, and we immediately bought Norton anti-virus protection. But I wondered how many had unwittingly given their CC number. I love the internet for all the information it provides, but unfortunately it’s fertile ground for the unscrupulous too.


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