2009 Expenses – $12,090.99

My total expenses for 2009 were $12,090.99.  That does not include the purchase price of my car although it does include all other car expenses associated with the car purchase such as the sales tax and registration.  It doesn’t include business expenses either as those are deducted from my business income.

I’m fairly satisfied with that total although I want to do better this year.  I had a goal of keeping my expenses under $10,000 last year which I obviously did not meet.  I did come close to my backup goal of keeping my expenses at $1000 a month.  Considering I spent over $1000 on travel and over $1500 on entertainment it is surprising I came as close to meeting my goal as I did.  I do plan to cut back on my entertainment expense this year but I will probably spend just as much on travel.  That means I am going to have to be extremely disciplined in all other areas of my budget. Considering I didn’t have a car most of last year it will be hard to keep my expenses in 2010 below the 2009 level but I am making that a goal.

2 thoughts on “2009 Expenses – $12,090.99”

  1. It is a big goal to set for yourself, but if you are disciplined it can lead to success. Cars are so expensive, with gas and insurance and all other costs, but they can be a necessity.

  2. Truly amazing, Andy. One day I hope to be as miserly as you… at least I’m headed in the right direction.

    How’s your new job going? I haven’t heard much since you announced you were starting one. I imagine it’s a temporary one if you plan to do some traveling this year.


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