In the absence of force, a body either is at rest or moves in a straight line with constant speed.  My body is at rest right now and there isn’t any force to get it moving.  I am having a hard time getting motivated to do anything right now either mentally or physically.   I know if I could just do enough to gain a little momentum I would be able to get more things done and feel better about myself.  I just can’t get started.

To me it is kind of like running.  I like running but I never want to go for a run.  If I do go for a run though once I am doing it I enjoy it and am glad I do it.  The next day though I still won’t want to go for a run.  This changes if I manage to go running often enough for it to become a habit.  Once it is a habit I look forward to running and no longer have to overcome my initial resistance.

I’m out of the habit of running right now.  I need to get back in that habit as well as develop a habit of working on my blog and other things.  Maybe this post will be enough of a spark to get me started.

4 thoughts on “Inertia”

  1. I get this way too Andy. Just pick one small simple thing that you can do and do that. The hardest part is getting started. After you do the first thing, the 2nd and others come easier ie the momentum of motion.


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