July Income – $3452.50

Here is a breakdown of my income for July.

Online Income






Stock Dividends


Mystery Shop


Medical Study


Survey/Cash Back




July was a great month for income. This was mostly due to making a lot of money from the medical study. Without that money my income will be way down this month. Online income was not as bad as the total suggests since I paid for one year hosting and renewed my domain name for three years out of that total.  Everything else will probably remain about the same this month.  I need to come up with some ideas to increase my alternative income – and actually implement them.

3 thoughts on “July Income – $3452.50”

  1. Andy, I take it the medical research money won’t last forever, then what will you do? This seems to be the major portion of your income? Any thoughts or ideas?

    • Marilyn – I’m still working on ways to make money. I have plenty in savings and I do make some money and my expenses are low so I have time to figure this out. I’ll most likely get a job for at least a little while until I am making enough from other sources to pay my expenses.

  2. I want to know how a person like me can earn money off the internet?? I am a writer and have alot of creative ideas but no venue . Thanks.


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