Saving Money with a Reel Mower

Grass Clippings Flying
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We bought a reel lawn mower last week. This should be a frugal purchase. The cost was just over $100. We were paying $60 a month for lawn service so this purchase will more than pay for itself in two months. The only maintenance the mower needs is occasional and from what I’ve read it will last a long time. In my experience with gas mowers they haven’t lasted that long.

The purchase is also green in that it doesn’t use any gas. It relies only on human power which is good because I can use the exercise. The mower is easy to push and does a good job of cutting the grass. If you are a perfectionist about your lawn you might not like it because it does seem to miss a few spots. It doesn’t bother me but in my opinion lawns are one of the top things that people waste their time and money on.

7 thoughts on “Saving Money with a Reel Mower”

  1. I agree, lawns are a waste of time! We put our horses on our lawn and while it’s not pretty afterward it is short.

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  2. I used a reel mower for the first year I lived on a half-acre lot. It was a lot of work. I bought a cheap, gasoline, push mower at Home Depot the second year. I save about an hour with the gasoline mower.

  3. I have always had a fascination with reel mowers. I tried to talk my father into one when I was a kid because I thought they looked cool. Now I still think they look cool but also like the exercise and green aspects as well. Kudos to you and best of luck with the new mower!

  4. I bought mine used for $25-great investment. No fossil fuels used to mow the lawn at all and free exercise. It’s a win-win!

  5. We got ours used for $25 on craigslist. Lots of ambitious people out there get a reel mower and then realize there’s actual labor involved and then go back to gas.

    For me, the manual is faster since I can run with it. Heavy interval training.

  6. I checked Craigslist and didn’t see any that cheap here. I think using the reel mower is easier than pushing a heavy gas mower. I suppose most people are used to self-propelled or riding mowers though. The reel mower is good exercise and it actually accomplishes something.

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