I Graduated Law School

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I had my graduation ceremony for law school Saturday. It was a busy weekend with my mom coming to town for my graduation on Saturday and then having a Mother’s Day breakfast with my mom and Mother’s Day lunch with GF’s mom. That was after the celebratory dinner for my graduation Saturday night. It might take my body a couple of days to recover from all the food I ate.

Now that things have slowed down somewhat I plan to spend some more time on the blog. I’ll be doing this medical study for about 60 more days and it won’t take much of my time so some of that spare time will be spent working on this blog. I’ll have a new post tomorrow. It will be the long promised interview with Monique Tilford, co-author of the latest edition of Your Money or Your Life.

9 thoughts on “I Graduated Law School”

    • Dreamer- I don’t plan to take the bar until February. Taking it will cost me about $1000 plus another $3500 if I take a study course for the bar which most people do. I have seen some document review in the past that only required the JD but I haven’t seen any lately. I will be looking for them.

      PennyScraper- Thanks.

  1. Congrats! I graduated in May of 2008 and have been a practicing attorney since I was admitted to the bar last August. Studying for the bar exam sucks in a way, but it’s also a time when your time is pretty much your own, depending on whether you’ll be working. I went to the gym every day and then hit the books for 9-12 hours a day. I would suggest not putting it off – though I’m sure you have your reasons. It’s probably too late now to change your mind anyway, if you haven’t submitted your stuff yet. Best of luck!


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