April 2009 Goal Review

This is my monthly review of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year.

My first goal is to increase my passive income. I made some progress on that this month. I opened a reward checking account that pays 5.03% which produced a nice increase in the amount of monthly interest I receive.

My second goal is to lose thirty pounds. My weight went from 220.4 pounds to 219.2 pounds last month. I consider that not making any progress. I should be starting my hike soon which will take care of the weight loss. There is a chance I won’t hike though and if that happens I have a different plan for losing weight.

My third goal is to have my subscriber count reach 500 subscribers. I reached a new high of 393 subscribers during the month although I haven’t maintained it. Considering I haven’t done anything special to promote my blog this is good progress.

I made progress on two out of three of my goals last month which is ok. I’m aiming for three out of three this month.

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