Consolidating My Student Loans

Now that I have received all the student loans that I am going to receive I have begun the process of looking into consolidating my student loans. I have Subsidized Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, and Grad Plus loans with two different lenders. I’m not sure if my lenders would send me one bill each for all of my loans but I know when I log into my accounts they calculate the payment separately for each loan. Consolidating my loans will make paying back my loans simpler.

My primary reason for wanting to consolidate my loans is to take advantage of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program. In order to qualify for this program you need to have your loans in the Direct loan program. It is my understanding that even if you have already consolidated your loans you can switch to the Direct loan program to take advantage of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness. This program will forgive remaining debt after 10 years of eligible employment and qualifying loan payments. That could end up being a great deal for me. The only downside is that the forgiven debt will be considered income which would result in a large tax bill.

Once I have completed the loan consolidation process I will provide an update on my experience getting my loans consolidated.

6 thoughts on “Consolidating My Student Loans”

  1. I too consolidated my loans and it helped me out and saved me money. I have some great resources on my site for help with this topic and how to find other resources to help pay for college. Teachers should visit for sure–great information on cancelling part of teachers’ student loans.

    Thanks for the great article and tweeting about it on Twitter!


  2. Do you have any idea how long it will take to pay it off? I know you had blogged about debt forgiveness(see I read everything you write) but do you have a plan if you can’t get it forgiven?

  3. Sonya Ann- The longest it will take is 25 years. The payments will be capped according to my income so I’m not worried about being able to make the payments.

    Paul- Thanks for letting me know. That is good news indeed.


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