Sold My Car – I’m Now Car Free

It had been my intention to sell or donate my car before the end of the year.  I finally got around to putting my car on Craigslist today.  Within an hour of listing it I had five calls from people interested in purchasing it.  Maybe I underpriced it?  It seemed like a reasonable price based on other listings.  I’m not going to worry about whether I could have sold it for more.

The first guy to look at it bought it and paid for it with cash.  He had a Toyota dealership mechanic with him so the car must not have been in too bad of shape mechanically.  It worked out very well.  I had my car sold and cash in my hand within three hours of listing my car.  Now I need to call my insurance agent and cancel my insurance.

11 thoughts on “Sold My Car – I’m Now Car Free”

  1. Andy,

    When we lived in Japan, we didn’t buy a car and used public transportation. It was great not to worry about gas, maintenance, and taxes. I miss the days of not owning a car.

  2. Congrats! I’ve been car free for a little over a year now (live on Long Island, in NY). It took me awhile, I used to live in Texas and I’ve had a car my whole life. Like most things, it just requires slowly rethinking your habits and adjusting to a new way of doing things, as I’m sure you’ve discovered. I adjusted first with the crutch of still having the car when I really needed it (cycle commuting to work 3 days a week on average, now mass transit since I changed companies almost a year ago). Little by little I realized I could completely get rid of it, and not miss insurance, taxes, car payments, gas – or the extra weight that not cycling and walking regularly would likely add back – one little bit! Good for you!


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