Save Money by Buying Gift Cards Online

You can get some serious discount by buying gift cards online.  There are several sites where you can buy gift cards at discounts around 15-20% off.  They will also buy gift cards from you for about 70% of the face value. It is a much better deal for you as a buyer than a seller.  Some of the most popular sites include,, and  You can also find gift cards on eBay  and Craigslist.

One example of the deals available is a $100 AMC gift card for $85. This is nice 15% discount which would lower my usual ticket price from $5 to $4.25. I recently saw them being offered for 25% off at $75 but didn’t buy one quick enough and I can’t find them at that price anymore. Even a 15% discount is a good deal since this is for purchases I’ll make anyway.

When using gift cards you do have to be aware that many gift cards have expiration dates or dormancy fees. Some states restrict the fees gift card issuers charge but it is best to use a gift card promptly. I only buy gift cards that I know I’ll use upon receipt. Despite these drawbacks using discounted gift cards is well worth the effort. With a little shopping around you should be able to save 15-20% on your purchases by using discounted gift cards.