I Passed the MPRE

I got some good new this week.  When I took the MPRE last month I thought I hadn’t passed it.  I got my score report this week though and I received a scaled score of 91 and I only needed an 80 to pass.  I must have been doing really good at guessing that day.  I know the 80 and 91 numbers don’t represent percentages but I’m not sure what they represent exactly.  It doesn’t really matter because the only thing I need to know is that I passed.

I already received my approval letter for my Rule 13 application.  This means I can practice law under a supervising attorney.  I needed this for the Child & Family services clinic I’m taking at school.  I assumed I’d be approved for it but it is still nice to receive.  It makes it seem like I’m getting a little closer to actually being an attorney.

7 thoughts on “I Passed the MPRE”

  1. you can can def pass the MPRE with the following steps: I GOT A 104 BY THE WAY.
    1) Print out the model rules! YES, they are necessary to look over. Read the phrasing,and just remember that you should only spend about two days doing this.
    2) By barbri review book (amazon or barbri) then buy rigos bar review, and kaplan PMBR final series! YES BUY ALL THREE! Each will give you a different understanding of the questions, and give you a good approach to the exam.
    3) Where should you be at? I took it in NY, where an 85 in needed to pass! So I needed right around 40 on the practice exams in order to pass! DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT, think that because you are getting 40 or above correctly on a barbri or kaplan review that you are actually guaranteed to pass!
    4) You need to be getting around 40 or better on ACTUAL PAST MPRE! You can buy them from the MPRE website! If you’re scoring 40 or above on those then you’ll be more than fine!
    5) You need to give yourself around 3 weeks to prepare for this exam!
    6) Don’t under estimate this exam like I did the first time. EVERY IDIOT FRIEND OF YOURS, is going to say “dude I didn’t study, I just showed up”. DON’T LISTEN TO THEM. Do you know what you call someone with a J.D., and who passed the bar and NOT THE MPRE?? ME EITHER, but I know it isn’t a lawyer. SO TREAT THIS EXAM JUST AS IMPORTANT AS A LAW SCHOOL FINAL and then you’ll be fine!


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