The Cost of Free Tickets

I received a couple of free tickets to see the Kansas City Chiefs preseason game last night.  This was because some friends that live out of state have season tickets. The preseason games are included in the season ticket package.  They decided that it wasn’t worth the expense of travel to see a preseason game and since preseason tickets are almost worthless I was able to score them for free.

There was a $22 charge for parking which I thought was awfully high.  It was split between me and my friend so that was $11 each.  It had been a long time since I’d been to a professional sports event.  I had forgotten how expensive concessions were.  It was $7.25 for a beer.  It may have been a preseason game but they were definitely charging regular season prices.  I opted to not have any concessions since I couldn’t justify paying such a high markup.  My total cost to attend was only $12 but if I would have had any concessions that total would have risen quickly.  Even when you receive somethng for free you have to consider the costs involved.

That being said I’m glad I went.  I’m a life long Chiefs fan but have never seen them play at Arrowhead.  I actually prefer to watch games on TV in the comfort of my own home.  It is nice to have had the stadium experience at least once just so I know what it is like.  And the Chiefs won which is something they probably won’t be doing a lot of this season.  Overall it was a good deal.

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  1. As a “package” ticket holder the Blue Jays send me free tickets (usually to an unglamorous Tuesday game against Baltimore or someone) every so often. While I’m pretty disciplined my husband always wants his peanuts … which need to be washed down with beer … and at fifteen heart-stopping bucks, it’s well worth the team’s while I guess.

    I lived in KC for a few months and once went drinking with Elvis Grbac. I loved seeing the Chiefs!


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