I Won Free Mcd’s for a Year Again

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you might recall that last year I won free extra value meals for a year (1 a week) as part of a McDonald’s grand opening promotion. This morning a McDonald’s close to my GF’s house had a similar promotion and we had to take advantage of it. This grand opening was much more crowded than the last one but we still easily were in the first 75 walk-in customers and received our free extra value meals for a year. My GF already informed me that this won’t count as our weekly date meal but it is still a good deal. With the free McD’s I won before I’ll now have two free extra value meals a week during August and September. The drawback to this is that I want to lose weight and eating at McDonald’s doesn’t help that. I’m going to try to make slightly healthier choices but most of what I like at McD’s isn’t healthy.

4 thoughts on “I Won Free Mcd’s for a Year Again”

  1. Wow… Congrats! It would be very strange for me to win something like that. I like McDonalds food but I never eat it since it’s so bad for you. I’m sure you can get healthier things, but can you resist the fries! I couldn’t.


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