May Credit Score

My credit score for May is 719 which is down from last month’s score of 737.  The 737 score in April was down from 781in March which was a large drop.  That drop was presumably from my putting $4,000 of student loan debt on a credit card with a low balance transfer rate.  I thought the 737 score fully reflected that but I guess not since my score went down again this month.  It should stabilize at this level.  This is still a decent credit score and shouldn’t affect me since I don’t plan to apply for any credit. The exception will be my federal student loans but those rates are fixed and my credit score has not impact on that.

2 thoughts on “May Credit Score”

  1. I get my credit score through my WaMu credit card. It lags about a month behind but seems pretty accurate. Multiple inquiries can hurt your credit score but these don’t show up as inquiries.


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