Forced Frugality

Back when I was getting over a problem with gambling I used a technique I call ‘forced frugality’ to help deal with it. Basically whenever I received money I would immediately spend it on a bill. This way I never had any extra money that I was tempted to gamble away. If I didn’t have any bills due I would just pay them ahead of time. I often paid my next month’s rent at the beginning of the month. I was giving up a little interest that I could have earned on the money but one gambling binge would wipe out all that interest and more. A major drawback to the technique was I could never actually save money just pay ahead on bills.

Now I don’t have a problem with gambling and can save money. The past couple of months though I’ve been spending my money unwisely and not paying down my debt or saving money like I should. I’m going to implement my forced frugality technique again. Any time I receive money it will immediately go to a bill,savings, or to pay off debt. I don’t have a problem with spending money once it is in my savings. If the money is just sitting in my checking account and I don’t need it to pay a bill I’ve been giving in to temptation lately and spending it frivolously. Until I feel that I have my spending back under control I’ll be using the forced frugality technique.

3 thoughts on “Forced Frugality”

  1. That’s actually a pretty good strategy.

    I also find that whenever I get extra money, I have to get it out of my checking account right away or it will mysteriously be “absorbed.”

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