More Free McD’s Food

When I was eating my free weekly meal at McDonald’s yesterday I noticed a sign promoting a deal for a free Mcskillet burrito when you buy a medium or large drink on Feb. 28th or 29th.  I really don’t need to be eating more Mcd’s but I love getting free food.  I haven’t tried the Mcskillet burrito but it seems like a pretty good deal to me.  You can confirm this deal at your local McDonald’s or at their website.

3 thoughts on “More Free McD’s Food”

  1. Yo Tightfist, how do you score a free weekly meal from the Golden Arches?

    I got my free McSkillet this morning! Very good. Do the steak, not the sausage!

  2. Tonya and AJ- I won free weekly extra value meals for a year as part of a local McD’s grand opening. Not something you’ll likely be able to repeat. Sorry.

    AJ- Is your Moola account still working? I haven’t gotten a wheel for a couple of weeks.


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